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Chicken coop design & construction

Chicken coop, outside run, roost and nest box design

Chicken coop        2 to 3 square feet per bird
Roost                    6 to 10 inches per bird
Outside run          4 square feet per bird
Nest box size       12" x 12" x 12" min
Nest boxes          1 nest box for every 2-4 birds

Example for a 24 bird operation
Coop size              72 square feet or 8'-0" x 9'-0"
Roost length         20 lin feet
Outside run           96 square feet or 8'-0" x 12'
Nest boxes            8 boxes 12" x 12" x 12"

Rodent and predator protection for your birds
We suggest embedding screen one foot deep below grade around the perimeter of the pen and coop, this will prevent most predators and rodents from entering your chickens

We also suggest that the screen size of the pen should be no greater than ¼” x ¼”, this will prevent rodents that can enter your chickens and their feed

The chicken tractor
In theory it is a movable chicken coop that gives chickens new ground every time you move, the problem is the security of the chickens is questionable in an open outside run environment with predators and rodents, the outdoor pen would need to be moved each time you move the tractor, or the tractor would need to be big enough  for the coop and the pen area.

Options for temporary
placement of chickens

Option # 1
Install smaller more movable structures for both the coop and the outdoor pen that would accommodate fewer chickens, you could add as many as you need or want, you would still need to install the embedded screen around the perimeter for rodent and predator protection  


Option # 2
Install a semi permanent structure that could be constructed with modular panels, for easy installation and removable at a later date for installation at another site location, Note: the coop and pen construction below could be constructed into modular  panels for reuse at another location


Permanent chicken coop and outside run designed and constructed by Allest Construction







Allwest Construction


Chicken coop design & construction
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